We, Ümit Yedek Parça ve Otomotiv TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., have served to a wide range of companies within the auto repair industry since 1995. We created our trademark FREENCO and set our goals to be a leader in tihs sector.

With 20% of our production being offered for domestic sales, and 80% being exported internationally, Freenco produces caliper repair kits for KNR, MRT, WBC, HDX, BRMB, SF, IVC and Z-CM brake systems.

As always we meticulously produce our repair kits according to the highest ISO 9001-2008 and EAC certificate standards. Through logistics management, Freenco consistently strives to meet our customer’s demands, from the initial stage of raw materials, to the finished products sold in the marketplace, according to the standards of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.

In the trailer sector, our company meets the current needs of today’s motor vehicles and will continue to meet them in the future.

Freenco standardizes the value of performance and quality in the machinery that produces our caliper repair kit parts which are easily accessible in Turkey and many other countries. We strive to keep our inventory current while maintaining our philosophy of reaching our customers throughout the world with an ever increasing variety of products. Before our products are packaged for marketing, every component of a Freenco repair kit must pass final mechanical and technical evaluations and inspections.

The Freenco brand, which has been installed on trucks and trailers in every part of the world, strives to achieve confidence in the quality of our products with 100% satisfaction among our customers. In short, we say Freenco offers the best in quality to each moving truck- trailer vehicle in the world.

The Freenco family is pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of Freenco Disk Caliper Repair Kits that continue to evolve with the help of the high market sharing experience we are getting from abroad.

Why Freenco?

According to total quality sense we are getting our quality better. We are the leader brand in quality technology.

Becoming integrated with side-industry we provide the most profitable decision and practice for quality products and satisfaction of the customers. that’s why we are renewing us and focusing to our customers.

We are providing safe, confidential, low cost products according to needs and aims and serving for this purpose. We are competing with technology and providing the best. We are providing the experience.