Domestic Trade;

Freenco Caliper Repair Kits rises its performance day by day and uses developed technology for tow truck, bus and trailer and so it takes the attention of domestic market. Our working principle has been always in high standarts and will go on like this. Freenco can be easily reached in domestic market and the distributors are taking its place day by day. So we are proud of opening new business opportunities cooperatively and serving the quality to our nation.

Foreign Trade;

Freenco Caliper Repair Kits has invested its productions mostly to export. In Middle East, The Balkans, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa our products are sometimes directly or indirectly provided easily in the selling points. We serve 80 % of our products abroad and % 20 domestic markets.

Our franchise agreement negotiations and appeals about foreing market are still going on. To have a voice seriously we are getting bigger in foreign market.