How Do We Work?

In our firm we prefer high alloy special iron which is internationlly confirmed. While shaping the caliper repair kit tool of KNR Type, MRT Type, WBC type, HDX Type, SF Type, IVC Type, and Z-CM type, we use the lates technology automatic machines.

To achieve to the quality level of the product, in each stage of production, the specification of the product is always controlled and measured according to the standarts. For turning and grinding procedures CNC and PLC controlled special benches are preferred. To give the best service by the opportunity of modern technology our production is under control of experienced and specialist experts.

Through marketing and logistic bussiness our products are meeting with our Freenco brand customers from the stage of raw materials to the market offer under the standards of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System. WE adopted discipline and working carefully because we are aware of carrying on your lives.